Our Accomplishments

Our Accomplishments

The CCAH has supported several landmark programs and research accomplishments. Here are some highlights:

Program Building

  • First residency program in the world for veterinary genetics
  • First academic program in shelter medicine, dedicated to improving the health and adoptability of animals in animal shelters. For more information, visit the Koret Shelter Medicine Program website.
  • First shelter medicine residency in the world


  • Discovered that low taurine levels in commercial cat food caused a devastating but common heart disease in cats. Once taurine was added to the diet, the disease was virtually eliminated.
  • Pioneered foundational research into feline husbandry and infectious diseases, including feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) aka "feline AIDS"; feline coronavirus (FECV); feline calicivirus; and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). (For more info on FIP, visit the "SOCK FIP" website).
  • Identified optimal requirements, metabolism and toxicity levels for Vitamins A, B & K, as well as for choline and chloride for cats
  • Described the ultrastructure of urinary calculi in cats
  • Discovered how copper influences reproductive efficiency in queens
  • Discovered nutritional requirements and kidney effects of folate and Vitamin D for growing kittens
  • Determined causes/risk factors for, and the management of, cats living in multi-cat households or facilities
  • Discovered decreased zinc in pregnant queens results in cleft palate in kittens
  • Developed a panel of monoclonal antibodies for feline white blood cell identification
  • Linked pregnancy failure in cats with low taurine levels
  • Conducted molecular cloning of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (Feline AIDS)
  • Identified a gene mutation responsible for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Identified a gene genetic mutation for polycystic kidney disease in cats

 Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Sponsored scientific conferences and events over several years on hypothyroid, alternative pets, genomics, feline inherited diseases, cancer, behavior and more
  • Fundraised for, designed and built the CCAH facility, which includes both clinical and research space, outdoor dog exercise areas and sitting areas for pet owners
  • Helped acquire the linear accelerator machine, and assisted faculty in fundraising for the suite and stereotactic radio surgery program for cancer treatment
  • Fundraised and built the veterinary physical rehabilitation/integrative medicine facility
  • Assisted with the hemodialysis unit renovation, which improves clinical and research applications and opportunities by upgrading to add blood purification and other capabilities