Enamel hypoplasia in Samoyed dogs

Enamel hypoplasia in Samoyed dogsEnamel hypoplasia in Samoyed dogs

Samoyed dogs (as well as Italian Greyhounds and Standard Poodles) are affected by an inherited disease of enamel formation known as familial enamel hypoplasia (Amelogensis imperfecta).  We are currently involved in research which we hope will lead to identification of the gene that is affected and the mode of inheritance. Potentially we may be able to develop a genetic test which could be used by breeders to to help them eliminate this disease from the breed.

For more information about this research and to learn how you can participate by sending samples and completing a survey, please see the links below:

  • Enamel hypoplasia research at CCAH (pdf)
  • Enamel hypoplasia - Survey Form (doc)