Sebaceous Adenitis in Standard Poodles

Sebaceous Adenitis in Standard PoodlesSebaceous Adenitis in Standard Poodles

The Poodle Club of America Foundation has provided funding to support a research project under the direction of principal investigator Niels C. Pedersen, "Determining whether risk for sebaceous adenitis of Standard Poodles is associated with a specific DLA class II genotype."

For additional information about this study please click on the appropriate link below:

Research Proposal: Sebaceous adenitis of Standard Poodles (pdf)

Manuscript: Genetic Characterization of Standard Poodles (pdf)

A Genetic Comparison of Standard and Miniature Poodles (pdf)

Information form for Sebaceous Adenitis study, to be submitted by dog owners and breeders (includes instructions regarding sample collection and submission) (pdf)

This project depends upon our ability to obtain DNA-containing specimens from at least 25 dogs with a confirmed diagnosis of sebaceous adenitis, in addition to specimens from unaffected dogs, preferably healthy close relatives. If you are a dog owner or breeder and are interested in participating in this study, please carefully read the information found at the above links.