Special Gift Programs

Special Gift Programs

Canine Health Research Endowment Fund

To ensure that our innovations in dog health continue, we established the Canine Health Research Endowment Fund to support veterinary research into canine genetics, behavior, surgery, nutrition, cardiology and oncology. Our researchers have ambitious plans to build up future generations of veterinarians working to improve the health and well-being of dogs. Learn more or donate to this fund.

Feline Health Research Endowment Fund

The Feline Health Research Endowment Fund provides research support for future generations of veterinarians to improve the health and well-being of cats. For 40-plus years, we have made major advancements in feline infectious disease, genetics, nutrition and cancer. New knowledge is still on the horizon — such as improving diets, understanding behavioral issues, preventing and treating diabetes and inflammatory disease, and using genetics to address certain disorders and diseases. Learn more or donate to this fund.

Companion Animal Remembrance and Endearment (CARE)

Individuals may choose to make a donation as a tribute to, or in memory of, a beloved pet, friend or family member. Honorees are acknowledged in a special letter from the director of the CCAH, which is sent to the person or family telling of the tribute or memorial gift that will benefit companion animal health studies. To make this thoughtful gesture, see more.

Companion Animal Memorial Fund (by veterinary clinics)

The Companion Animal Memorial Fund (CAMF) program is for veterinary clinics and practitioners. Participating clinics send the names of their clients who have recently lost a precious companion animal to the CCAH together with a donation in their honor from the clinic. Each year, more than 325 participating clinics contribute in excess of $200,000 through memorial gifts for clinical health studies that will improve their ability to better serve their clients. Learn more or donate to this fund.

CCAH Brick Pathway

For gifts of $150 or $275, you can place an inscribed brick in our Edna's Park patio to permanently honor a pet or a special friend. For a downloadable donation form, please visit the CCAH Brick Pathway page. Learn more or donate to this fund.

Forever Friends Wall Plaques

For gifts of $1,500, $3,000, or $5,000, you can have a personalized photo plaque placed on our beautiful "Forever Friends" wall at the CCAH. Contact the Office of Advancement for more information.

Equipment and Facility Enhancement Drive

For gifts of $10,000 or more, donors may choose to "name a room" in our center, honoring their family, a friend or in memory/tribute to a favorite companion animal. Additionally, gifts to complete the animal hemodialysis unit and furnish faculty and resident offices are needed. To participate, contact the Office of Advancement.

Friends of Companion Animals

Contributors of $1,000 or more of gifts designated for health studies (annual gifts) are recognized as members of the "Friends of Companion Animals" gift club. These "Friends" are included in invitation-only special events and periodic personal update letters from the CCAH director. Donors of $5,000 or more receive periodic information on the status of studies in which they indicate an interest. Visit our CCAH Friends Honor Roll here.

The Heritage Society for Animals

Many contributors to the CCAH have chosen to make provision for a future gift through their wills, trusts or a planned gift agreement. In recognition of this thoughtful gesture, the school honors such good friends by including them as members of the Heritage Society for Animals. Members may arrange to have a nameplate and dedication on the large digital display in the Small Animal Clinic. A membership luncheon, with a program and animal clinic tour, is held every spring. Contact the Office of Advancement for more information.