Josh Stern Cardiac Genetics Laboratory

Josh Stern Cardiac Genetics LaboratoryJosh Stern Cardiac Genetics Laboratory

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The Josh Stern Cardiac Genetics Laboratory focuses on the study of inherited heart disease across many species, as well as the field of pharmacogenetics. Specifically, Dr. Stern identifies mutations and subsequently evaluates the role that these mutations play in the development of congenital and acquired heart disease; along with effects a patient’s genetic makeup may play on response to medications. One of their primary objectives is to advance the role of individualized medicine in veterinary cardiology patients.

Currently, the laboratory is heavily involved in the study of naturally occurring hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats. The lab investigates preclinical markers of disease and genetic mutations related to the condition. Researchers are also studying the genetics of mitral valve degeneration, the most common heart disease in dogs; the lab recently identified and published a chromosomal location that may harbor a mutation responsible for this condition in Whippet dogs. Finally, the laboratory continues to study subaortic stenosis, which is one of the most common congenital diseases in dogs. The team has already identified and reported one mutation in Newfoundlands.


Joshua Stern, DVM, PhD, DACVIMJoshua Stern, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine & Epidemiology
Chief of Service: Cardiology


Eric Ontiveros, BSEric Ontiveros, BS

Laboratory Manager & Graduate Student




PhD Student in Comparative Pathobiology






Amanda Crofton

Samantha Fousse, BSSamantha Fousse, BS

VSTP Student






Joanna Kaplan