Ben Sacks Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Unit

Ben Sacks Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Unit

The primary mission of the Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Unit is to conduct research that advances both the persistence of wild mammal biodiversity and our basic understanding of mammal evolution and ecology. In this context, we are also an educational entity, providing opportunities for graduate, undergraduate, veterinary student and post-doctoral research. We collaborate internationally and locally with other academic investigators and work closely with state, federal and local agencies to facilitate applied conservation and resource management.

Ben SacksBen Sacks

Associate Adjunct Professor, Principal Investigator


Mark StathamMark Statham

Project Scientist


Stevi Vanderzwan

Stevi Vanderzwan

Lab Manager




Tom BatterTom Batter


Sophie Preckler-QuisquaterSophie Preckler-Quisquater




Cody Aylward


Jennifer BrazealJennifer Brazeal







Jazmine Camacho

Taylor Davis

Susan Fresquez

Lauren Hennelly

Elizabeth Kierepka

Andy Lee

Julia Owen

Catherine Quinn Catherine Quinn







Camilo Sanchez

Naomi Serrtos

Emma Sutphin

Glenna Wardlaw